About Us

Innovation… Mystery… Pioneering

These 3 pillars of the ancient Aztec community are the fundamentals of our company. The goal is to push the boundaries with our modern interpretation and playful flavour pairings; all made possible through high quality distilled gin, infused with fresh and fruity ingredients. We aim to elevate the humble gin and tonic of yesterday, into the colourful flavour sensation of today. Not a fan of gin? Let Aztec change your mind!

We are a business based in South Wales, where our passion for gin surpasses our admiration for rugby. If you are looking for a traditional mass produced London dry triple distilled gin, we are not the company for you. However, if you are looking for an exciting artisan flavoured gin, then check out our store. As a small scale producer we strive to provide our customers with a personal touch. If you have a flavour combination that you would like to see, then follow us on social media and let us know.
Hated by the gin purist, loved by the adventurer!

Gin Liqueurs
Our Gin liqueur range with a base London dry gin which is made for us by a global distiller who we partner with. The liqure is  triple-distilled and contains juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica root, liquorice, orris root, orange and lemon peel. We then flavor this spirit using a combination of real fruit, natural flavourings, 100% extracts and simple syrups for sweetness.
With chemistry, passion and a little time; we are able to bring you the compete Aztec Gin Liqueur range!
Distilled Gin
Our Aztec Gin is a Premium triple distilled spirit with a unique and secret recipe. The blend between juniper, spice and citrus is both smooth and perfect.
Compound Gin
Our cold press compound gin allows you to create your bespoke gin using the finest natural botanicals. We allow you to be the distiller and let your creativity flow. Once the botanicals have been selected, we then can start the chemistry. The process forces the created blend onto our smooth distilled neutral spirit, delivered to us by our distributor partner. The initial spirit is essentially flavourless until we apply the infusion technique to capture all the botanicals and spices. The result is a pale gold transparent gin, as nature intended; full of depth and perfectly balanced. Then it's time to sit back and sip the gin that you have made! 
The Botanicals 
Our Services
- Create a flavoured gin liqueur
- Create your own compound gin
- Wholesale to business/events
- Wedding favour packages 
- Gift sets